He-ate-us meme + [4/4] characters.
↳ Frederick Chilton.

heateus meme → two guest stars/minor characters
   ↳ [2/2] raúl esparza as frederick chilton

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I miss this show



Syfy’s Alice, 2009
Hatter is tortured by Mad March, Doctor Dee and Doctor Dum.

It’s been three years and I am still not okay.

Next time I’m gonna be stronger and smarter!!!1
--- Actual Shojo and future mob boss Oswald Copperpot (via pachirisu88)


My current reaction to Gotham ending like ALL OF A SUDDEN.

PS, MINE. TAG MY USELESS @SS IN IT WHEN USED. I like to boast a little now and then.


"He will die a horrible death unless he…, no, no, really truly, he’s not joking. I’m not joking, I will poke his eyeballs out and… how can you say that?, you saw the video I sent; I’m not lying. Madam, calm yourself"